Top Most Romantic Cities that You Need to Visit in Italy

Italy is always said to be known for its romantic nature. All that is contributed by its love of art and beautiful things, the country’s love for musical language, and most importantly, the love for life of the people living here.

Thus, for all those looking for a perfect loving getaway, Italy is the one option that you cannot miss at all.

For couples here, you can be rest assured to find multiple options which will be overwhelming to choose one. So here we have got you covered with some places personally loved by us.

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Some of the top choices of romantic cities in Italy are:


Rome is a popular choice amongst couples due to its various attractive sites. Some of the favourite places amongst tourists are the Vatican, St. Peter Basilica, The Trevi Fountain etc.

These are all historical places and contains more of action work. Other than this, you can also go hiking on the Janiculum Hill and enjoy shopping or eating at the Via del Governo and Testaccio markets, respectively.


Venice is also one of the most popular choices amongst couples. It is known as the “floating city” with the well-known Gondola rides down the twisting canals.

It has private cobbled lanes that take you to the beautiful footbridges and most luxurious palace-style hotels.

They have got you some great art galleries, where you will find works by the best artists of Venice. Later you can end your day with the picture-perfect pizzas for dinner.


Portofino also called as a fishing village, is a small town located on the Italian Riveria coastline. This town is so small that you can work around in just 15 minutes. It is well-known for its pastel-coloured houses, high-fashioned boutiques, and big hillside mansions.

Not to forget the Super Harbor, filled with lines of yachts and some of the unique seafood restaurants that add to the beauty of this place.


If you are looking for a secluded place away from crowds and fast life, then Pienza would be the right choice for you. You would find the medieval walls covering the edges of the town and a great view of Val d’Orcia’s rural landscape.

It is well-known for its Renaissance architecture and the most special sheep’s milk cheese, the pecorino di Pienza. During your visit, you can stop around for a wine tasting at the famous Poderi Boscarelli, which is a small family-run winery located at the Montepulciano.


This being the capital city of Tuscany, has the most famous Renaissance architect. Just take a walk around the banks of Arno River. It is something that you might love being as a couple.

Something that you can’t miss is the legendary Duomo, which is a cathedral made of terracotta-tiled dome. It was built by Brunelleschi.

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