Top 10 must-visit places in Shillong

  • 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Shillong for an Enthralling Experience 
  • 10 Must-Visit Tourist Places to Visit in Shillong 


How wonderful when a gentle breeze passes through your face and you look up to misty clouds. That does sound like a dream! Guess what? You can live this mystical experience in the heart of Meghalaya called Shillong! Shillong is a place of beauty with magical secrets lying in the nooks and corners of the city. 

It might be the rich culture and heritage of Khasi people or the lush greenery and magnificent hills; Shillong does have something that makes you go crazy about it! The fresh aroma of spices and budget-friendly hotels in Shillong, all of them simply invite you to a world of tranquility. So, take this place and explore the 10 best places to visit in Shillong for a fun-filled getaway.

10 Best Places to Visit in Shillong are – 

  1. Elephant Falls

Imagine the thrill of standing right in front of a multi-tiered waterfall cascading down like magic! That’s exactly what you can expect at Elephant Falls in Shillong. Since Shillong has a history of British rule, the waterfall gets its name from the same era. An elephant shaped rock was spotted by Englishmen after which the waterfall received major tourist attention. 

The place is accessible from different vantage points and you can find various seating arrangements at different levels. It is definitely a great place for a one day picnic with friends or family. If you are planning to spend an entire day here, make sure to book Treebo hotels in Shillong to relax later.

  1. Umiam Lake

Shillong is blessed with points of serenity and Umiam lake is one of them! As you arrive here, you are treated with the mesmerizing views of the East Khasi hills making an amazing backdrop for your photographs. If you are planning to watch the heartwarming sight of sunrise, various hotels in Shillong can be found in the vicinity. 

Apart from admiring the beauty, you can also learn about flora and fauna around the lake. For an adventurous time, the lake offers various water sports including pedal boating, speed boat, river bus ride, kayaking and many more. So, take this chance to appreciate the exhilarating views and calmness here.

  1. Don Bosco Museum 

For history buffs out there, Don Bosco Museum is definitely a place for you! Shillong is a multicultural destination and this can be best understood with the display of artefacts and information at the Don Bosco Museum. This museum literally celebrates the existence of indigenous communities of North East India thereby making it a journey of pride.

Right from the history of Shillong, past practices, outfits, occupations to the shift to modern culture today, you can know about everything under one roof. The best part about visiting the museum is the chance to dive into a completely different world of wonders. Moreover, the museum often hosts different events and seminars. 

  1. Laitlum Canyon

Are you up for an adrenaline pumping adventure? If yes, Laitlum Canyon is one of the best places for a crazy trekking expedition. Also, nothing better than trekking to the top and capturing the mystical beauty of Meghalaya. It is located 20 Km from Shillong and you are sure to love the drive!

Ensure to book Treebo hotels in Shillong near the destination for a rejuvenating time after trekking. The trail is filled with verdant hills and lush greenery offering an opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and reconnect with oneself. Various trekking trails including Smit Village and Rasong village can be explored.

  1. Police Bazaar

If you want to connect with the locals and understand the true lifestyle of Shillong, Police Bazar is definitely one of the most famous places to be! It is a bustling shopping area where you can find a plethora of souvenirs for your loved ones. Right from traditional handicrafts, handlooms, organic fruits to rare tribal accessories, everything can be found here! 

Apart from shopping, Police Bazar is home to various street food stalls where you can satisfy your taste buds with momos, maggi and authentic Khasi food. It is always a great idea to book Treebo hotels in Shillong near the police Bazaar for a comfortable stay. 

  1. Mawlynnong

Meghalaya is best known for the cleanest village in India called Mawlynnong. Located about 2 hours from Shillong, it is a place of lush greenery with tribal communities. This unique destination has its own rules where cleanliness is the topmost priority of villagers. It also follows different eco-friendly practices.

One of the best spots here is the balancing rock of Mawlynnong that attracts thousands of tourists. You also get an opportunity to go for live root trekking and enjoy the scenic beauty around. Since there are many homestays and hotels in Shillong, you can easily drive to this village.

  1. Lady Hydari Park

Imagine the excitement of visiting a garden, a zoo and a well manicured lawn all at once. That’s exactly why Lady Hydari Park attracts tourists from all over the globe. It is a maintained garden with abundant flora and fauna. The lanes are a proof of Shillong’s beauty as you can wander through them and click many photographs.

The park has an adjoined zoo offering an amazing opportunity to witness various species of animals and birds. It also has different water features making it a tranquil place for a stroll. You can also connect with locals and know about their lifestyle while watching the beautiful sunset.

  1. Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians

Shillong is all about different cultures and you can witness this at the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians. It is a fusion of Gothic and Roman architectural styles making it a heritage monument of the city. The cathedral is situated on a hill overlooking the picturesque valley so it is time to take your cameras out!

The catholic church holds spiritual significance as tourists flock here during the peak season. If you are planning to spend some time around the cathedral and explore its history, check for budget-friendly hotels in Shillong in the vicinity. The structure stands as an epitome of faith, creativity and humanity.

  1. Ward’s Lake

Shillong’s architecture and vibrancy can be best experienced at Ward’s Lake. It is an artificial lake surrounded by magnificent mountains. If you are ready for a scenic ride, the lake has different pedal boats and rowboats available for boating. It also has a plethora of flowering plants and trees making it a paradise for nature lovers.

The lake has a small cafeteria so you can satisfy your taste buds while enjoying the mesmerizing views. It is a stunning site during festivals as the surroundings are all lit up and the place turns into a colourful fair. You can always check for hotels in Shillong nearby for a peaceful stay.

  1. Ever Living Museum

The Ever Living Museum is a unique museum showcasing the rich culture of the Khasi people. If you are a history enthusiast and want to learn more about the Khasi community, this museum is your go-to destination. It is filled with Khasi houses and huts depicting the lifestyle, cultural practices and everyday living of the people.

The museum also displays traditional Khasi musical instruments, dances and songs. Right from the food habits and agricultural practices to traditional medicinal knowledge of Khasi people, everything can be learnt here. So, do not wait to explore one of the must-visit places in Shillong.

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Shillong is a beautiful amalgamation of culinary art, bustling shopping markets and scenic points. A journey here is sure to melt your heart and heal your soul like no other place!


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