Recommended tips for a safe Arabian Desert safari trip?

Dubai is a popular tourist destination with plenty of attractions to see and experience. One of the most popular activities is a desert safari, where visitors can take a thrilling ride across the dunes and experience the beauty of the desert landscape.

However, a desert safari can also be dangerous, so taking some precautions is essential for the safest experience. This blog post will share tips and advice for anyone planning a desert safari in Dubai. We’ll cover everything from choosing a reputable tour company to staying hydrated and protecting your skin from the sun.

Choose a reputable tour company

When choosing a tour company for your desert safari, it’s important to research and read reviews to find a reputable company that prioritizes safety. Look for companies licensed and certified to operate in the desert. A good tour company takes care of their cars and ensures they have seatbelts and strong metal bars to keep you safe. You should always hire a company with trained guides and experienced drivers.

Dress appropriately for the desert climate

Remember that in the desert area, the temperature at day time will be hot, and at night time, it will be cold. So, we recommend wearing the right clothes to enjoy the trip and protect your skin. Wear light clothes like cotton or linen that let your skin breathe. Use a hat or scarf to cover your head and neck, and wear comfortable shoes that cover your toes.

The hot sun of the desert will damage your skin

If you are going on a safari trip, taking care of yourself from the hot sun is important. For this, you have to use sunscreen to enjoy the complete experience. Put it on before you go out and reapply every two hours. Wear sunglasses to keep your eyes safe, and bring a light jacket or shirt to cover your arms. Drink lots of water to avoid getting thirsty and keep yourself hydrated.

Stay hydrated

The most common issue with the Arabian Desert trip is getting dehydrated so, to avoid this issue you can drink a lot of water. Take a reusable water bottle and drink water often in small amounts. It’s best to avoid drinks that are sugary or have alcohol in them because they can make you even more dehydrated. Your tour company should provide water during the safari, but bringing extra water is always good.

Don’t eat too much before the safari

It’s important to avoid eating a heavy meal before your safari as it can cause discomfort during the bumpy ride. Eat a light snack or meal that’s easy to digest a few hours before your tour. Your tour company should provide a light snack if you get hungry during the safari.

Taking care during a thrilling ride is essential

The ride can be bumpy and exhilarating during the desert safari, so it’s essential to wear your seatbelt and hold on tight to the handlebars or grips provided. Listen carefully to your driver’s instructions and follow them. Don’t stand up or move around during the ride, as this can be dangerous.

Be aware of the dangers of sandboarding

Sandboarding is a fun activity during a desert safari but can also be dangerous if not done correctly. Don’t attempt sandboarding if you have a medical condition that can be worsened by physical activity or have any injuries. Always wear the right protective gear, such as helmets, goggles, and knee pads. Your tour company should provide these items, but bringing your own is always a good idea if you have them.

Respect the local culture and traditions

The UAE has a rich cultural heritage that visitors must respect. When you go to religious or cultural places, wear modest clothing. Also, don’t do things like kissing or holding hands in public, and don’t smoke or drink in public places. Don’t take pictures of locals without permission; always ask before photographing at religious or historical sites.

Keep your belongings safe

During the safari, keep your belongings, such as phones, wallets, and cameras, safe by securing them in a backpack or a small bag that you can wear across your body. Don’t carry much money or valuable things; don’t leave them in your car. It’s always a good idea to have travel insurance that covers the loss or theft of personal belongings.

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Have fun, but be responsible

While a desert safari can be an exciting and unforgettable experience, being responsible and prioritizing your safety is essential. Following the rules and listening to your driver during your safari tour is important. Don’t do anything dangerous or try to show off. Just enjoy the beauty of the desert and don’t throw trash or harm the environment. Remember that the desert is a fragile ecosystem, and we must do our part to protect it.

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