Diplomatic Diaries: Understanding Diplomatic Passports In India

Diplomatic passports are indispensable for Indian government representatives engaged in international diplomacy, conferring diplomatic immunity and expediting entry and exit processes. Distinguished by maroon covers, these type D passports are essential tools for those representing India on the global stage.

Eligibility For Diplomatic Passports

Individuals eligible to apply for a diplomatic passport in India include employees of the Foreign Services Division, officers under the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and those engaged in diplomatic roles. Additionally, family members recognised by the MEA and any official authorised by the government for international travel can also seek diplomatic passports.

Application Process For Diplomatic Passports In India

The application process involves systematic steps:

  • Online Registration:Start by registering on the Passport Seva Kendra website and creating an account.
  • Application Submission: Opt for the “Apply for Official/Diplomatic Passport” option, complete the online application, and submit it.
  • Form Submission:Print or view the submitted form after online submission.
  • Visit Passport Office:Take the completed application, along with the required documents, to the Consular, Passport and Visa (CVC) Division in New Delhi or a local passport office.
  • Verification Process: The diplomatic passport will be issued contingent upon the initiation and completion of the verification process.

Documents Required For Diplomatic Passport Application

Applicants must provide specific documents, including duplicate identification, the Head of Office Certificate, official correspondence, original diplomatic passport, Certificate of Cancellation (if applicable), recent passport-sized photos, undertaking regarding retirement, and Safe/Surrender Custody Certificate.

Advantages Of Diplomatic Passports

Holders of diplomatic passports enjoy several privileges:

  • Efficient International Travel: Diplomatic passport holders benefit from airport diplomatic lanes, facilitating expedited entry and exit from other countries.
  • Diplomatic Immunity: Diplomatic immunity protects legal actions or harassment during travel.
  • Consular Services:Indian embassies and consulates extend consular services to diplomatic passport holders, including visa assistance, legal counsel, and emergency support.
  • Recognition Of Status:Possession of a diplomatic passport signifies an individual’s rank and acknowledges their significant role in representing the Indian government abroad.

Differences Between Diplomatic And Regular Passports

Several distinctions set diplomatic passports apart from regular passports:

  • Measurement:Regular passports, given to VIPs and citizens, are between 30 and 60 pages, while diplomatic passports for high-ranking government officials consist of 28 pages.
  • Validity: Regular adult passports have a 10-year validity, while diplomatic passports may be valid for five years.
  • Intended Use:Regular passports are suitable for business and personal international travel, while diplomatic passports are specifically for official foreign travel on behalf of the government.

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